Procurement Collaboration and Invoice Processing For
Real Estate Operators & their Suppliers / Contractors


Having trouble getting in front of prospects?
Unable to get your customers to consistently buy from you even though you have a signed Contract?


Get new sales

FacilGo® helps you to be a part of more sales opportunities whether they are for new bids, or when helping a prospect with a problem that they are facing.  When you collaborate with prospects on solutions, it helps you gain new customers, and keeps your customer’s satisfaction high so they’ll keep coming back..

Grow existing customer sales by becoming
ingrained into their processes

FacilGo® helps you to regularly engage with your customers whether through bids, providing advice, taking before/after pictures, getting orders, or sending them invoices.  By working with them through FacilGo®, you can strengthen your relationship and grow your business with them.

Get more out of
your contracts

By transacting with your customers through the FacilGo® marketplace, you are giving your customers a tool to help them comply to your contract.  Get them to set you up as a preferred supplier with preferred products, and you item will show up first, making it easy for them to order from you.

Work with ALL your Customers
from Anywhere

Provide quotes, sign contracts, get orders and send invoices electronically using a mobile device or computer.  Collaborate with your customer from the job site instead of waiting to respond when you get back to the office.  Plus, you can work with all of your customers through FacilGo®, not just the ones that are a part of the network.

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