Integrated Procurement Collaboration Marketplace enabling Inspections to Invoice Processing

For Real Estate Operators, Tenants and Suppliers/Contractors

  • Generate quotes, sign contracts, send orders and receive invoices electronically using mobile device or computer.
  • Track renovation projects from identification to work orders to purchasing to payments.
  • Open Work Orders from Inspections, create Purchase Orders from Work Orders.
  • Make better decisions by having relevant information and photos available when you need them.
  • Work more efficiently by collaborating with suppliers through your own private online marketplace.

FacilGo® enables partnerships that lead to higher efficiencies and increased profits.

Properties Save & Suppliers Grow.

Complete Solution for Property Operations or Key Modules for use
with your Existing Software

Automated Renovations

Standardize and automate purchases and tasks so your staff follows a predefined renovation process.

Move Out Closing Statement

Create Move Out Closing Statement in less than a minute. Include charge details, copies of estimates and invoices and relevant photos.


Work from anywhere using your mobile device, tablet or computer. Add photos into your transactions and view them in your property records.

Online Catalog & Marketplace

Collaborate with your suppliers to create private online catalogs. Place orders electronically to suppliers through FacilGo®.

Services Ordering

Order and coordinate services (carpet, cleaning, painting, etc.) with your contractors through the online marketplace.

Electronic Invoices

Receive electronic invoices from your suppliers, eliminating manual data entry!

Invoice Processing

Scanned or emailed invoices are data entered by the FacilGo® team.

Bids & Contracts

Quickly and easily send a quote request to multiple suppliers. Compare quotes and sign the best one into a contract, all online.


Use FacilGo® with your accounting, property management and inspection systems. Integrate orders and invoices with your suppliers.

Budget Controls

Track and implement approval workflow based upon expenses versus your budget.

Approval Workflow

Require approvals based upon dollar amounts or expenses versus the budget.

PO System

Track and implement approval workflow based upon expenses versus your budget.


Perform inspections for renovations, move-outs, preventative maintenance or other activities and store the photos by property and unit.

Work Orders

Create and assign work orders to your staff. Add photos and use geo location to keep track of what’s being done.


Track transactions by project, regardless of the transaction type or supplier.

Supplier Portal

Manage quotes, contracts, orders, invoices and online catalogs. Suppliers use this software system to grow new business and take care of existing customers.

Contract Management System

Setup Contracts with your suppliers whether they are are on FacilGo® or not. Give your staff visibility to contracts that pertain to them.

Marketplace Forum

Leverage the expertise of your peers and suppliers to solve problems.